5 Series I DNF (And Don’t Plan To)

I love reading series, and it’s not often then that I don’t WANT to finish one. Though it is quite common that I just lose track of a series I loved. But the books on these lists are series that hold no appeal to me to finish them. I didn’t realize how little I enjoyed this series until I started going through my Goodreads to make a list of all the series I need to finish that I lost track of and these were the only series out of them that I had no interest in ever going back to. I have too many books to read to waste time on these particular ones.

Spoiler Warning: I spoil one of the plot points of the Private Series by Kate Brian as its the reason I won’t continue the series. 

  1. The Forest of Hands and Teeth series by Carrie Ryan

the_forest_of_hands_and_teeth_pb_coverThis series is a Young Adult Horror about a Dystopian society plagued by Zombies. Honestly, I’m not sure why I started this series to begin with. I am not a fan of horrors and especially not about zombies. But the zombies actually isn’t the reason I’m not planning to continue this series. If anything, the lack of zombies is the reason! This series was boring. The zombies don’t really factor into the series until the end. Until then, they are much like the boogie man, a scary story keeping everyone inside the Village. The book is spent inside the head of a girl in a stupid love triangle and obsessed with an ocean she has never seen. The zombies only come into effect when her obsession with finally seeing the Ocean causes her to put everyone in the village’s life at risk. The it pretty much ends before anything really interesting happens. Honestly, the story confused me and the zombies seemed irrelevant until the end. Also, you never get any answers about the sketchy organizations hinted at in the book.  Someone on goodreads compared it to M. NIght Shyamalan’s The Village but with zombies.

Despite the lack of actual zombie scenes, I still managed to have nightmares after reading this book because my psyche is a wimp.

2. Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing


This series is actually pretty old for me coming out in 2000 and feeling like it was written in the 90s. I first found it at my local library hidden in the YA section and really liked it when I first started it. Being a big fan of Greek Mythology, and this being one of the first Mythology YA books I read, I was reading them pretty fast. But as I keeping reading each book, I just got confused. The plot started getting muddled in my head, The fight scenes weren’t very compelling and It became harder to palette. It has been a while since I have attempted to continue this series but I’m certain it is no longer worth my effort. Especially since these books are hard to find in the wild anyway.

3. The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor


I read this first book around the time it first came out. It is supposed to be an Alice in Wonderland retelling, or Through the Looking Glass retelling. I love Alice in Wonderland retellings, probably more than I love the original. There is just so much potential there. I found Frank Beddor’s series simultaneously confusing and boring. It is essentially, reverse wonderland. Alyss (Alice) is from Wonderland and to escape her Aunt Redd she escapes through the portal into Victorian London. While there, she is sucked into boring london life there I believe and befriends Lewis Carol. The premise was interesting but I was so bored! And it was just not a good reimagining of Alice in Wonderland. *sigh*

4. The Host by Stephanie Meyers


Now, this is not Meyers hate. I loved the Twilight books in middle school, and 100% don;t think she deserved so much hate just because her first books don’t measure up to some peoples standards and they are upset it got so popular. But The Host just wasn’t my Jam. A book about aliens needs to smart. Very smart and inventive and well thought out. I don’t think this story was well thought out. I think she had a good base premise about aliens and then threw a love triangle in and thought she had a winner. I wasn’t convinced. But! Enough people were that it got a movie.

Now, my liking it is not even the main reason I won’t finish this series.

The main reason is that STEPHANIE IS NEVER GOING TO WRITE IT! I’m calling her out for it. This book came out a decade ago. Goodreads still lists that there is supposed to be a second and third book. The release date has been pushed back several times and now just taken off. Stephanie has not only started another series, The Chemist, but also had time to write a gender-bend Twilight. It seems like this is never going to happen. If you go on Goodreads you’ll see tons of fans asking when they will finally get this book. And the second and third book are added to lists asking for writers to finally finish them. So, I hope Stephanie proves me wrong and finishes this series. For them.

5. Private Series by Kate Brian [SPOILER ALERT]


This pains me, because I loved this series. This is probably my absolute favorite YA contemporary series. Elite Boarding School murder mystery, revolutionary! I even liked the spin-off. But on principle, I don’t think I can ever continue this series. And I’m already like 12 books in. So what could have happened to make me give up this series? Witches happened. I am unsure what was going through Kate Brian’s head when she wrote the ending to book 12, I wish I knew. I REALLY wish I knew. Maybe it was because YA paranormal books were so popular back then and she needed to compete…BUT WRITE A NEW SERIES!! Don’t wait until book TWELVE and then say “Oh yeah, btw. The main characters are secretly half-sisters AND Witches! And their parents both belonged to this academy and were part of this secret Witch society!” That’s without anything witchy or paranormal happening in the first 11.75 of the books in this series. Nothing at all. NOTHING. It was just about rich kids at a boarding school and someone is killing them. Basically Gossip girl with murder. But Blair and Serena find out that they are witches instead of who GG is.

As you can see, I am still upset about this. She wrote a novella called “Book of Spells” that I believe is a prequel meant to better explain the witchy-woo aspect, then the next book explores the current billings with witchcraft and then I guess it didn’t get a good response so the last book in the series just drops the witch craft aspect and doesn’t really address it. Thats what im getting from the goodreads reviews. Needless to say, I won’t finish this series. I’m going to pretend it ended before the witches part. Reed found Nicole, and they went about their lives continuing to be friends even after Billings closes down.

Do you DNF series often or are you like me and find it generally easy to stick it through as long as it’s mildly entertaining? What are some series that just didn’t make the cut for you? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


    • She definitely knows how to ruin a good thing! If she wrote a different series similar to private and promised not to randomly add supernatural creatires into it, I’d 100% give it a chance. I might have to reread the spin-off Privilege.

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