The Girl Without Magic by Megan O’Russell // Book Review

Title:The Girl Without Magic

Series: Chronicles of Maggie Trent

Author: Megan O’Russell

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure

Release Date: January 9th, 2018

My Rating: 5/5 Stars!

My Description: In the middle of a battle, Maggie Trent gets pulled into a completely different world than her own. Maggie wakes up in the Siren’s realm where the only currency is the magic you bring in, and once you run out, you are left in the shows of society. Maggie just wants to find a way home so rather than squander her magic, she preserves her by earning what she needs to survive. Merely surviving day to day until Bertrand pulls her into an adventure. Maggie and Bertrand end up preparing for a battle they should be involved in to help this village of magic users.

Goodreads Description:

Death would have been easier, but the Siren wasn’t through with her.

Seventeen-year-old Maggie Trent fell out of a battle and into the Siren’s Realm, a land where secrets hide in the shadows and pleasure comes at a price Maggie is unwilling to pay.

The time for the Siren’s reckoning has come, sweeping away all she deems unworthy to live in her realm. Those without magic are hunted by the Siren. Those with magic are hunted by the Stricken. Fighting or hiding seem necessary to survive. But there is a different way.

Bertrand Wayland, unaging and unrelenting in his determination for Maggie to accept her fate, slips in and out through the stitches that bind the Siren’s Realm to other worlds, gaining magic and having glorious adventures. When Maggie follows Bertrand out of the Siren’s Realm, seeking an adventure of her own, she finds instead a world of magic on the eve of war. To save innocent lives Maggie risks her heart, her life, and her only chance of returning to the Siren’s Realm.

Like it? Love it? Hate it?

I LOVED IT!! I got serious Doctor Who vibes from this book. Maggie is the fierce and dedicated companion to the wise and a little crazy Bertrand who pulls her into adventures in other worlds. I was enraptured in the book from start to finish. It sounds like this book series is going to be Maggie and Bertrand finding new worlds and falling into adventures. Bertrand’s personality even reminded me of The Doctor. But Maggie is a much more capable companion, she is powerful and not afraid of danger. I enjoyed reading from her perspective and I thought she was incredibly brave.

Critiques? Disappointments? I honestly can’t think of anything. I loved this book.

Favorite Quote: Too many! Mostly the ones that make me think of Doctor Who, tbh.

“I’ve just followed a madman into a world neither of us know anything about”

“You are in a world neither you nor I have ever seen. Magic connected the Siren’s realm to this place. Only something fiercely magical could have made an opening we can travel through. I mean to find the magic and discover what secrets it holds. We would not have fallen into this place if there were no reason for us to be here, Miss Trent. Magic has called us to this place, and I intend to discover why. And if you are the person I believe you to be, I have no doubt you will be following me around this maze of a lake come morning.”

“You would be amazed the insanity one impassioned speaker can turn a reasonable crowd toward.”

– When explaining how an evil man can get people to turn against everything they believed in and follow him.

Conclusion: The Doctor and his Companion but exploring worlds of magic. A fantasy adventure with well written characters and story. I can’t wait to follow Bertrand and Maggie on more adventures!

Should you read it? Absolutely! If you need an adventure, and who doesn’t, this book is for you. The book is also FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!

I received this book for the purpose of review from Netgalley. All my thoughts and opinions are my own and my reviews are written for the benefit of readers.

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What is the best adventure you’ve ever been on? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

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