What I read in February // Monthly Wrap Up

The shortest month of the year is over! I can’t tell if February went by faster or slower than usual this year but I do know it was not a good book month for me. I suffered from a bad case of procrastination. I didn’t post anything last week and I only clocked in 3 books this month! I know I’m not the only one who just seemed in a “bleh” mood this month, I’ve noticed a bunch of other bloggers, readers and a couple youtubers I know who just weren’t in the mood this month. Here is hoping March is much nicer to us! I am determined to make up for my bad book month and really get through some of my TBR and ARCS.

So onto to what I actually did manage to read! (All Descriptions are from Goodreads)

Our Dark Stars by Audrey Gray & Krystal Wade  img_0155

Published: March 6th, 2018 (ARC)

Genre: YA Sci-fi Fantasy

Subject: Artificial Intelligence, Uprising, Slavery, Space Pirates

My Rating: 4/5 Stars! (Read my Review here)


“While she sleeps, the whole universe changes.

Princess Talia Starchaser has it all. Wealth. Status. Adoring citizens. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she’s forced to publicly betray her best friend, a companion mock she’s had since birth, setting events into motion that lead to the destruction of the humans, and the princess floating through space, a remnant of a time when humans ruled over droids.

One hundred years later, half-mock captain Will Perrault and his ragtag crew discover a device floating in space. When a very human Talia emerges from its depths, Will suspects she’s the key to buying his way back into the regiment he once commanded against the last remaining rebel humans—and the ruling mock queen’s good graces.

Both Talia and Will would rather get space-tossed than trust one another, but with the queen’s forces chasing them across the galaxy and the fate of both worlds hanging in the balance, they’ll forge the unlikeliest of alliances to survive.”

The Girl Without Magic by Megan O’Russell img_0164

Published: January 9th, 2018

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Subject: Magic, World Jumping, Adventure

My Rating: 5/5 Stars! (Read my review here.)


“Death would have been easier, but the Siren wasn’t through with her.

Seventeen-year-old Maggie Trent fell out of a battle and into the Siren’s Realm, a land where secrets hide in the shadows and pleasure comes at a price Maggie is unwilling to pay.

The time for the Siren’s reckoning has come, sweeping away all she deems unworthy to live in her realm. Those without magic are hunted by the Siren. Those with magic are hunted by the Stricken. Fighting or hiding seem necessary to survive. But there is a different way.

Bertrand Wayland, unaging and unrelenting in his determination for Maggie to accept her fate, slips in and out through the stitches that bind the Siren’s Realm to other worlds, gaining magic and having glorious adventures. When Maggie follows Bertrand out of the Siren’s Realm, seeking an adventure of her own, she finds instead a world of magic on the eve of war. To save innocent lives Maggie risks her heart, her life, and her only chance of returning to the Siren’s Realm.”

Warlocks of the Sigil by Peri Akman  510y7ZKrA9L

Published: June 30th, 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Subject: Warlocks, Demons and Magic

Rating: I haven’t decided on my final rating yet but my review for this book should be posted next week!


“When Quinn was told he was deemed fit to learn magic as an apprentice, he didn’t know what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect to be plunged into a world of politics, demons, monsters, petty drama and angry primordial deities, all while being guided by an off kilter, rant-happy warlock, who has more secrets than Quinn has problems. Nothing he can’t handle, right?”

My Blog:

Despite not posting as much as I would have liked, I wrote one of my favorite blog posts this month so It wasn’t totally an uninspiring month! My blog post “What to read if… Disney Edition!” Was my favorite post to write this month. I had originally planned to write about my favorite fairytale retellings when I started thinking about books that reminded me of certain Disney characters or stories but weren’t actually retellings and wrote about that. In that post I draw parallels and suggest books to read if you like certain aspects of these Disney Stories/characters. Check it out if you haven’t and tell me what you think!

What books did you read this month? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading!

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