The eReader Book Tag

I originally saw this tag on theoverbookedblog.

I thought this would be a good tag to do since I read mostly on my kindle.

Here are the question!

What support do you use to read your e-books? An e-reader, a tablet, or the PC?

  • I read on my Kindle Paperwhite. I originally used a Kindle Fire that I convinced my mom to get me as a high school graduation gift. I also still use the kindle app on my phone or iPad sometimes if I’m out or trying to sneak a read in.

How many e-books have you read since you started the new “digital fashion”?

  • I’m not sure! Most of the books I have read since getting my kindle have been ebooks. Because between the limited space in my college dorm, moving around a lot while in college and after graduating and the fact I liked to read on the subway, ebooks have been more convenient.

What is the language of your ebooks?

  • English! A that is the only language I speak, haha.

Buy them or take advantage of free promotions and books?

  • Both! I like trying out free and cheap kindle books from amazon and also buying some bestsellers, especially if they are on sale or cheaper than a physical copy. I just got amazon unlimited this year and I haven’t been taken full advantage of it since I have been reading mostly Netgalley books this year.

Do you enjoy reading classics or new authors?

  • Ehh.. I’m not much for the classics, myself. I read new authors mostly as in anything 2000 and forward. haha.

How many e-books do you have?

Last time I checked it was 199. I buy a lot of sets of books and a lot of free amazon books.

What is your biggest supplier of ebooks?

Amazon for sure! I have just started using Netgalley and Edelweiss is too confusing to navigate to me.

Did you completely adhere to the Digital Reading or do you still live in the Age of the Physical Book?

I’ve just started buying physical books again now that it looks like I won’t be moving for a little while. Before that I mostly read ebooks since 2012 but borrowed a lot of books from my library whenever I was home from college.

That was fun!

If anyone has any interesting tags they think I would like let me know. I don’t know who to tag in this but if you do this tag please tag me in it so I can read your post!

Are you an ebook reader or only physical? Audiobook?

Thanks for reading!



    • I switched because My kindle fore wouldnt charge and I missed the accessibility of ebooks. But I picked the paperwhite because the screen mimics paper making it easier to read than reading it off a typical tablet screen like the fire has. I like the paperwhite, its very light and strictly for books.


  1. This sounds like a cool tag, I’ll consider doing it! My school library has an awesome ebook selection, so I read most of my books there!

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