Series that were ruined by their sequels! // Book Breakdown

Spoiler Warning: There may be some spoilers for these books where I try to explain what ruined it for me.

Have you ever loved a series only to read the sequel or end of the series and having to forsake it forever because of how bad it was that it just brought down the entire series with it? These are the books that did it for me.

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers 

The Offender: Breaking Dawn: Btwilight coverook #4 in the series.

Now, I am well aware that there is a great divide in the book community over twilight. Many of us love them, Many of us hate them, many of us loved them until the extreme hype and hate made us want to never see them mentioned again. But I believe what joins us together is that 90% of us can agree: Breaking Dawn was the worst end to the series ever!

I remember being infatuated with the series in middle school, well before the movies were announced and somewhere in between Eclipse coming out and Breaking Dawn coming out. The books were so popular that the entire book was spoiled before it came out! I never hear of stuff like that happening nowadays. I remember preteen me being way too excited scrolling the internet to try and find the spoilers. Only to find them and think “WTF is this!” I was convinced they were fake! It made no sense to me! A half vampire baby!? Named Renesmee!? I don’t remember what I thought of the rest of the spoilers but that one for sure made me dismiss the website I got them off convinced they were fake spoilers someone lied about to get attention. Only to read the book months later and find out it was all true?! The combination of the ridiculousness of her somehow getting pregnant with a vampire baby and just the stupid way the vamp baby ended up growing/etc and the way the book seemed weirdly written like there was too much smooshed together. The wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy, the werewolf civil war, the Vampire family reunion, the non-war against the volturi. It was too much and it was too out there. It ruined the rest fo the series for me. If it hadn’t been for that last book, I might have reread the series by now.

The Private series by Kate Brian

The Offender: 381489Vanished: Book #12 in the series.

    I loved this series for a long time. Murder Mystery in a posh boarding school? It was so good. For about 1 books I was obsessed with this series and the girls of Billings. Until the 12th book when the author decided to ruin everything.The first 11 books in the series and the books in the spin-off series “Privilege” were all murder mystery boarding school/ Rich Teen  drama. Think Murder Mystery Gossip Girl. Then at the end of the 12th book, Suddenly two of the main characters were revealed to somehow be half sisters! Even though there was no lead up or even focus on the parents in anyway until now but that isn’t even the worse part. It was also revealed they are descended from Witches! Now, Absolutely no magic or paranormal aspects had been introduced into the books prior to this. Not even a ghost or anything. Nothing. For 11 books it was completely contemporary. Suddenly, they are witches and there has actually been a secret society of witches at the school spanning decades this whole time! I must not have been the only one outraged by these because the author supposedly ditched the witch idea, barely mentioning it and kind of leading the magic revelation in the background in the last 2 books. I wouldn’t know for sure since I stopped reading after the Witches part.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

The Offender: victoriaaveyardGlass Sword: Book #2 in the series.

Controversial, I know. The Red Queens Series is this season’s Hunger Games. It’s almost sacrilegious not to like it. I haven’t even decided whether I don’t like it and will DNF the rest of the series. I just know I hated the second book. Glass Sword was a flop. It was so boring it made me realize that while good Red Queen itself wasn’t exactly the hottest thing I’ve ever read. Red Queen was good and definitely hooked me in but then Glass Sword was just boring filler. It felt like nothing happened for most of the books and when something finally did happen it was rushed! Like it was only there to prepare you for the excitement of King’s Cage but why should we have to waste money on a filler book. A sequel should be interesting in itself. It shouldn’t be 400+ pages of nothing. It just doesn’t excite. It was just them going from place to place looking for more New Bloods but coming too late half the time, slowly building an army that has no idea what to do and doesn’t trust their leaders, probably because in this book Cal and Mare are both boring, emotionlessly emotional and annoying. It’s hard for me to even describe this book because it’s boringness overshadowed the few exciting parts. I am willing to give the series another chance if I can ever concentrate on a book for longer than a day a month, I am in a serious reading block. I have heard King’s Cage gets so much better, obviously because Maven is there to bring some personality, but if I have to listen to Cal and Mare being mopey and boring as they avoid their feelings for eachother and consign themselves to being miserable gray jellyfish, I’M OUT!

What book series do you think had horrendous sequels? Let me know in the comments!



    • Thats what I had assumed. At the time Paranormal and fantasy YA was reigning supreme and Im sure they felt the pressure. But I cant imagine changing things up so much 12 books in is ever a good idea. lol. I loved the series even though at the time fantasy was my favorite (and still is) So I think they should have finished up that series and maybe started a separate witchy series. I would have read that!

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      • Yeah, that probably would have been the wiser thing to do. But hopefully some of the other readers loved the change?
        It just seems like if you’re trying to capture Fantasy readers, they won’t want to read the last 11 books to get to the fantasy aspect. And the readers you already have are probably happy with what you’re dishing up already, so it seems like it’s mostly risk.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha. Yes. idk what was behind that decision but I couldn’t keep reading the series after that. It just stuck in my head. I might go back and read the spin off though as long as she didn’t try to add any extra stuff to that one too.

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  1. Thank god you agree that Glass Sword was so boring…. I’ve never understood wat everyone else seems to love in it… it was a snooze fest 😏😏

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    • Hahaha. I actually dnf’d it after the first half and then a couple months later went back to finish it. After reading Red queen i was really disappointed. I think part of it is most of those people waited months for the sequel while i read them back to back so I wasn’t disillusioned.

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      • I read all 3 of them back to back too… I wasn’t expecting magic either after the underwhelming first one… but the second was too bland and boring… 3rd was still a little okay… I rarely stop series midway, that’s y I’m trying to listen to War storm… hopefully it has a good ending!!!

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  2. Oh gosh, someone else who feels the same about Glass Sword! I really enjoyed the first book, but totally lost interest in the second and never finished the series because its pacing was just kind of…awful. And dull. Such a shame, too, because I loved the concept.

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      • When I started reading the first one, I got the *feels* I had when reading HG. The obvious love triangle, the “I’m not special but actually I really am” thing. Idk, It just wasn’t what I was expecting, I guess.

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      • The “love triangle” is nothing like you’d expect tbh. Katniss actually wasnt special though. she was as human as anyone else. Mare is the first known of her kind. The first book was good Its the writing thats bad in the second one. I dont think the author actually had much to say. It felt like it was rushed to capitalize on the hype. Not fully developed. The third book will probably be better because she used the second book as filler to fill space until she had an actual idea.


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