A Court of Mist and Fury // Book Chat


Book: A Court of Mist and Fury (and A Court of Thorns and Roses)

Author: Sarah J. Maas


Okay, Let’s start with the first book A court of Thorns and Roses! I had heard about this series for a while from the book community but most of what I heard about was about everyone loving Rhysand! So I was confused when I am introduced to Tamlin and he seems like the Dream! Rhysand seemed like an evil bastard! I understand liking the bad guy (I usually do) but why was EVERYONE in love with this guy! Someone on twitter told me to just wait and see and I COULD NOT imagine what he could do to screw things up SO BADLY.

I LOVED how Maas wrote that. I don’t feel like abusive relationships are touched on much in YA Fantasy and I thought this was perfect. Feyre still feeling like she had to be loyal to Tamlin and Justifying his behavior is so real. It was great to see the portrayal of the “Dream Boyfriend” whose abusive tendencies slowly become obvious. He just seemed loving and protective and that started becoming possessive and restrictive.  I can’t put into words how perfect I thought it was. I especially loved the deception of Tamlin seeming perfect in the first book.

I love Rhysand! He started by seeming Evil and ends up being the boyfriend who shows Feyre she is free, powerful and equal. Many may disagree with me on this but it reminds me of Damon and Stefan Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries. Stefan being the one who restricted Elena and never liked her making decisions for herself because he knew what was best vs. Damon who let her decide what she wanted to do and just supported her even when he was worried. Also, Elena being resistant to Damon and at first being unable to overlook his evil actions and feeling she still had to be loyal to Stefan.

I am also a sucker for a good dream team like Rhysand and his Inner Circle at the Nightcourt, btw. I can’t wait to read more about them. I want a crew like them in my life! I am so glad Feyre had them to help her while she was dealing with her PTSD.

I love the sexy parts! I think calling the book smut is a bit dramatic. The way some people complained about it, I was expecting more and a little disappointed with how little I got. The books are labeled New Adult. And NA and YA have a lot of overlap so there is no getting around the books also showing up a lot with YA books, especially since NA isn’t really much of an established genre yet. Your children could be reading MUCH worse and are almost certainly watching much worse unless you are one of those parents who hover over them when they are on the internet. Stop calling it smut. I wouldn’t have to wait until 80% of the book for a proper sex scene if that was the truth. lol.

I didn’t like the part in the second book where her sisters get turned. I wished her sisters had stayed human. But I loved the part where Feyre tricks everyone into thinking she broke her bond. I am excited to see what kind of trouble she gets into in the third book.

I didn’t trust Ianthe since the first introduction to her. I didn’t like her and I guessed she would be part of what split apart Feyre and Tamlin. I also don’t like Lucien. I can tell he will probably get some kind of redemption for being a spineless, coward but I hope he gets pulled through the mud first!

I hope Tamlin gets crucified in ACOWAR, I will probably start it soon. But I don’t want him to be redeemed. Maybe before the ending of ACOMAF but selling out to King Hybern means I hope he dies a torturous death. And Lucien standing beside him while he did that is most of the reason I really wish he wasn’t going to be redeemed but I am assuming being the mate to Feyre’s sister means we will have to get used to him being around.


I know many people don’t like this series but I am LOVING  it. It reminds me of the books I read that first got me into YA and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. I may be in a really, REALLY bad reading slump but these books I know I will get through and enjoy.


What are your opinions on these books (I have only read the first 2 so no spoilers!)

Any books you would recommend since I am enjoying these so much?


Thanks for reading!




  1. I totally agree on how Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship was written, Maas did such a good job with twisting everything around in the second book! I really hope you enjoy the third one 😊 Great review!!

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  2. ACOMAF is a wonderful book… And I never thought about the parallels with Damon and Stefan… I think what you described sounds perfect….
    I hope you enjoy acowar too… will be looking forward to your thoughts on that!!!

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  3. I fucking love this book series as well! Apparently, they label them as young adult here in the Netherlands, although ACOWAR is definitely new adult. There is some kind of warning on the back, but it’s still in the young adult section. Trust me, Ianthe gets worse. And yes, something will happen with Lucien, but not telling you what otherwise I might spoil everything

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  4. I absolutely loved this series and ACOMAF is my favourite one.
    I love how Tamlin is so deceiving and how he has people almost bending over backwards and swooning over him in ACOTAR and shows his true self in ACOMAF.
    I really didn’t like Ianthe from the start. I thought she had to have some motive to do what she was doing.
    Rhysand is amazing. I love that he is dark and brooding in the first book but after a bit of background, we get why he was like that and it makes me love him all the more.

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  5. Totally agree! Maas did an amazing job pulling that spin on us because I was shook (but not really bc of spoilers) when I found out Tamlin was evil, but it’s okay be Rhys!!! ❤ The Inner Circle was an amazing gang too 🙂 Lovely review/chat~

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    • I refuse to see this as a love triangle since Tamlin had no shot after being such a jerk. A lot of people do not understand that he was actually abusive because he didnt actually hit her. i dont understand. I’m glad you liked it! I will probably do a real review once i finish the series but the book chat is for me to rant. haha.

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