Top 5 Book Boyfriends // Top 5

I love a good book boyfriend. The ones that make you jealous of the main character and make you want to daydream about being in their place (or wrote fanfiction if you have the skill and energy). Me personally, I love a good bad boy or “pseudo bad-boy” as they usually are. The ones with a couple bad habits and usually are reluctant to their romantic feelings at first but then suddenly dive in head first! When it comes to fictional boys, I love a little danger. A lot of my fellow readers have moved on from that kind of love interest in books but if your wondering which consumers are still keeping it alive, look no further! You found her!

So let’s get into my top 5 book boyfriends!

In no particular order:

  1. Gideon Cross; Crossfire series by Sylvia Day (Adult Romance 18+)

Starting this off I guess with the only romance novel on this list. Gideon Cross is like Christian Gray except SOOO MUCH BETTER. He is a charming Billionaire who is scared of relationships until he meets the main character Eva Tramell. At first, all he wants is a purely sexual relationship with Eva but much like any good cliche romance novel, he quickly comes to be in love with her and will do anything to please her. I love him because of his devotion to Eva. Eva is also a survivor of some pretty traumatic things that happened early in her life (TW if you decide to read the book) and whenever she tells Gideon something that triggers her, makes her uncomfortable or would help her, he listens and does everything he can to make things better. Their relationship can get pretty intense and pretty rocky but I love it. I still haven’t read the very last book, I am currently rereading the whole series.

2. Patch; Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick (YA Paranormal Romance)

Hush, Hush is in the works for a possible movie right now! I am so excited! Who can resist a super hot Guardian Angel?! Patch is probably my oldest book boyfriend. I read this series in middle school I believe So this book came out in the YA era of Twilight, but its fallen angels instead of Vampires. If you aren’t a fan of cliche YA paranormal romance you won’t like this series. It definitely has more action then the Twilight books but its just as cliche. Some people really love it and some people really hate it. Patch is a fallen angel, he is kind of an anti-hero. Nowhere near as stuck up and boring as Edward. He is much more interesting. He is also a lone-wolf kind of guy. Hot.

3. Rhysand; A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (New Adult Fantasy)

Probably the most current of my book boyfriends on this list. I just finished reading a Court of Mist and Fury, the second book in the series. I love Rhysand. He is so witty and funny but has a lot of depth to him. He also doesn’t treat the main character like a child who can’t make her own decisions.

4. Dimitri Belikov; The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy)

So Dimitri isn’t so much bad boy as he is Hot badass vampire teacher! If you like some edgy Teacher-student romance you will like Rose and Dimitri from The Vampire Academy. They are such a bad-ass couple. Dimitri is smart, confident and just dreamy. He could also kill you in less than a minute.

5. Eric Northman; The Sookie Stackhouse series aka The Southern Vampire Mysteries aka True Blood by Charlaine Harris (Adult Paranormal Romance Mystery 18+)

Oooooooooooh Eric Northman. Played by gorgeous Swede Alexander Skarsgard in the TV show adaption True Blood. He originally starts as a villain pretty much. Well not like THE main villain but definitely a disliked threat. Then he becomes kind of a romantic anti-hero. I loved him in the book and then I loved him even more with Skarsgard portraying him in the show. I think Eric is the baddest on this list. The rest are just kinda dark and mysterious but Eric is a killer and he isn’t remorseful about it. Sookie kind of just channels him into a direction that suits her. She doesn’t really change him.

So now that you know my top book boyfriends and are judging me appropriately, who are your top book boyfriends/girlfriends?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Okay, Rhys is definitely on my list for book boyfriends. My others, in no particular order, would have to be Kaz Brekker from the Six of Crows Duology, Cole Holland from the White Rabbit Chronicles, Lord Kalen from the Bone Witch Series, and Mark Blackthorn from the Dark Artifices Series.
    I’d have to say that I also have a serious partial to bad boys.

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