Blogmas Day 8: 5 Book Adaptions I am Looking Forward to!

This is Day 8 of my blogmas posts, I meant to upload everyday this month but life uh…gets in the way. But if you would like to read all my blogmas posts you can find them HERE!

Here are 5 adaptions where books are being turned into either Shows or movies that I am looking forward to!

Locke & Key on Netflix (Feb 7th, 2020)

Locke & Key is a graphic novel series by Joe Hill about siblings who move into a mysterious house where random keys can do crazy things like open magic doors, open someones mind, change someones gender, etc. An adaption for this series has actually been teased several times before even getting to the pilot stage once before but it has finally been officially announced by Netflix to be premiering February 7th. I believe that the success of the comic series adaption of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix might have influences their decision to pick up this series as it has big crossover appeal for UA fans.

Grishaverse on Netflix (Date N/A)

“Grishaverse” is a TV show based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows Duology that will be premiering on Netflix some time in 2020. Though the date isn’t certain, cast has been announced and they supposedly began shooting in November!

Hush, Hush movie (TBA)

Hush, Hush is an older YA series by Becca Fitzpatrick about fallen angels and Nephilim. This one I am crossing my fingers actually happens. it was announced in 2018 that it would be made, even casting main characters, since then announcements have gone dry but we were told it was still happening in august. I have been burned before, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, but I am holding out hope that this one makes it!

The Witches in theaters (October, 2020)

This is not the first adaption of Roald Dahls The Witches and I also loved the first rendition but this one has PROMISE. Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Olivia Spencer are set to star in it! And Guillermo del Toro is set to produce! It is almost guaranteed to be a success!

The Selection (????)

The selection series by Kiera Cass is like if The Bachelor met a Dystopian. I was excited to hear that it was getting a movie but now it doesnt seem to be progressing and might have been dropped. Warner Brothers bought the film rights in 2015, and I think that that is a perfect studeio to make this movie if they actually go through with it. The author has said not to give up but no one knows if its actually happening or not. However, if it does start production anytime soon, I will be looking forward to it!

Are there any book adaptions you are looking forward to in 2020 and beyond?

Thanks for reading!


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