Series I would like to reread/finish Pt. 1

I love reading series. There is something about revisiting a world and set of characters that you love and are invested in again and again. HOWEVER, I am really bad at finishing series! It’s a problem! I think maybe I am so terrified of a good series ending that I just never feel like reading the last book and having to close the door forever. Here are some series that I LOVED but have never finished and would like to reread completely so I can experience these stories from start to finish!

The Immortals series by Alyson Noel

A classic YA paranormal romance series with soul mates, hot immortals, magic and drama. This series is so unique despite fitting in with the YA fantasies of the 2000s. I never finished the last book in this series and am worried it wont hold up but I think I’d like to reread it from the beginning.

The Hollow series by Jessica Verday

This is a moody paranormal romance with ghosts and mystery! This series is so atmospheric and spooky, I remember it being so different than most of the fantasies I was reading. I never finished the last book and I really want to. This series was underrated for sure. These books are also chunksters at 600 pages each book so it might take a minute to finish.

The Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins

A series about a paranormal boarding school where the main character is a witch! Mean girl supermodel witches, an outcast vampire roommate, mystery! I don’t remember a lot about this series besides that I really enjoyed the first book and then lost track of the series but I really need to reread it!

The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

This series is just awesome. Its set in a college town in Texas that is secretly run by vampires. Locals are aware and pay taxes in blood to remain safe but college students are fair pickings once they leave the campus. The main character is a genius attending the school who makes the mistake of moving off campus into a house with a bunch of locals but they ends up becoming best friends and protecting each other as they keep getting thrown into the middle of Vampire politics! I can’t describe to you how amazing and underrated this series is. Everyone complains about how soft and romantic all YA vampire series were but this series was different. Cruel and evil vampires, bad ass vampire hunting, found family, a crazy vampire scientist and a cold vampire queen. READ THIS SERIES. I can’t wait to reread it! And the author put playlists in the back of each book, I found so many great songs from those playlists!

Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr

This is a YA Urban Fantasy series about Faeries. It had a darker tone to it than many YA fantasy books, tackling real world issues like assault, self harm and drugs and the faeries portrayed in this are morally grey to cruel. I don’t feel like I appreciated this series enough when I first read it in middle school. I loved the first book but when I went to read the second book it was too dark for me to understand and get into. I recently went back and read the second book and I LOVED IT! So I am excited to finally read the rest of the series. Definitely a more edgy YA Fae series.

What do you think about rereading books or series? Are you better at finishing series than I am?

Look out for part 2 because there are A LOT of series I never finished!

Thanks for reading!

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