Series I would like to reread/finish Pt. 2

Go read part 1 of this post if you haven’t already! Here are 5 more series I loved but never finish and would like to reread and complete!

Fallen series by Lauren Kate

A classic 2000s YA paranormal fantasy set in a board school about soulmates and fallen angels! I was OBSESSED when I first read this series in my tween years but I read so much that I never got to reading the final book when it came out. Considering I still have the same crap taste in reading, I am confident I will enjoy a reread of this series!

Hush, Hush series by Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Another classic YA paranormal fantasy about fallen angels but NOT set in a boarding school and with a more rebellious feel to it! Somehow despite both this and the last book featuring fallen angels and romance, these series are completely different but both captured my heart! I actually reread the first 2 books in this series already last year and somehow managed to enjoy them MORE than the first time I read them! However, grad school distracted me from reading the last two and finally finishing the series so thats my next goal.

The Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series by Charlaine Harris

The Sookie Stackhouse series has gone by many names including The Southern Vampire Mysteries and the True Blood series once the HBO TV adaption came out. This series is an adult Urban Fantasy series featuring telepaths, witches, fairies, shifters (of all sorts, including a were-tiger), werewolves (who don’t go by shifters), vampires (of course), maenads, and even vampire Elvis! Forget love triangles, Sookie has many suitors throughout the series and one of the factors that have stopped me from finishing the series is the fact I know she doesn’t end up with the suitor I wanted. Nooooo! But this series was amazing, long but amazing! I started rereading the series last year but with over 13 books I haven’t finished yet.

Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

This is a middle grade sci-fi film about a group of children who were experimented on as babies to have wings and bird DNA. They escape from the facility and become a family running from the institution that is constantly trying to catch them. I loved this series in middle school, I sweat by it to this day for middle school readers but I never found out how the series ends and I have always wanted to finish this series.

The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day

Last but not least, the Crossfire series. This is an adult billionaire romance series about 2 damaged rich people in a steamy, dramatic relationship. I can’t tell you why I loved this series but I did and I never read the last 2 books in this 5 book series which haunts me.

What did you think of this batch of series I need to finish? I am thinking about doing a spinoff post of series I only read the 1st books off that I need to continue reading. Those are more recent series where as these were books I read for years or a long time ago.

Thanks for reading!


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