Is it a Twilight Rip-off? Crave book Review

Why Crave?

So after seeing this book on my timeline for months and not knowing what it was about, I finally decided to read Crave by Tracy Wolff. I had seen it referred to as a rip off of Twilight by Stephanie Meyers and a mutual on twitter told me that if I missed Early 2000’s era Paranormal Romance books then I would love this book. So I thought, “Sounds perfect!”

So… Is it a Twilight Rip off?


The Book Covers!

The similarities are obvious and purposeful. Black background, white object and red accents to symbolize blood cause…Vampires. Obvious and Unoriginal. The designer even took some inspiration from The Vampire Diaries with the blood dripping off the V….for vampire. We get it. Personally, I prefer the Crave poster (except for the bloody V which I think is tacky).

The Content…Kinda..

So, if you boil it town to its basic essence, it IS about a girl who is in love with a Vampire. There are also wolves and an intimidating council of elders who maintain balance and cause trouble. But that is about the end to the similarities in content!

I mean, when you compare it to Twilight anyway. Outside of Twilight, Crave mixes a lot of Cliche YA and Wattpad-esque tropes with a good amount of originality. I actually searched to see if this book started out as a Wattpad story before being published but I couldn’t find any evidence of that. That’s not to say its bad just gave me major fanfiction vibes! I think that is what really made me get into this series. It brought me back to a time when all I did was read. Anything I could get my hands on and fanfiction was a big part of that! I am oldie, I remember reading fanfiction on Quizilla before Wattpad existed!

But lets talk about my experience with the book now.

What I liked about it:

I think that all of the secondary characters were well written! In some books with this same vibe tend to write secondary characters as though they do not matter outside of how they can help or hype up the main character. I didn’t feel like they were written like that here. The relationships between characters also felt genuine and not wedged into further the plot without working for it.

I loved the romantic relationships even though they were very cliche. Teenage “Alpha-male” lite style but not in a abusive, or crass way. However the relationship felt equal and not one-sided or misogynistic.

Gargoyles and Dragons?! Thats a new one for most YA paranormal romance books. It was unexpected and just added some MAJOR sparkle to such a cliche trope! I want to see more diversity in paranormal creatures in YA paranormal romances!

What I didn’t like about it:

Its such a small gripe, but sometimes I felt like the author was trying way to hard to follow the Alpha-male paranormal romance trope while reminding us it was *Different* The main character would act willful and independent to the point of looking stupid, just to remind us she wasn’t like weak female characters like Bella Swan.

My rating: 4 stars! Such a delight to read! I had to read the second book right away after finishing the first and I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Reading it feels so nostalgic!

Have you read the Crave series? What did you think? Any book recommendations like Crave?

Thanks for reading!

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