Harry Potter series Review // The Top 100 YA Books challenge!

If you haven’t already read about my Top 100 YA Books challenge, you can read that post HERE. Basically, I have created a challenge for myself as a librarian to read the Top 100 YA books!

At the top of that list was Harry Potter. Which I have very conflicted thoughts about…

Since joining the book community, I’ve felt like the only book person who hadn’t read Harry Potter. And since finding out what J.K believes in, I didn’t really care to remedy that. However, The Harry Potter series continues to be an incredibly popular series among kids and teens and as a teen librarian, It feels like I am missing something by not having read it. So when I started this series, I decided to bite the bullet. HOWEVER, I made sure to borrow the books from my library so that I was barely supporting J.K. and her beliefs which I strongly disagree with and find harmful.

So just so we are clear… I DO NOT support J.K. or her views!

So now, my review:

I listened to the entire series through Audiobooks borrowed from my Local library using Hoopla. I enjoyed reading the series but I have to say I don’t understand why so may people made the series their entire personality. I think it has something to do with the community around the books starting when so many of us were at a very impressionable time of our childhood. So I do wonder if I would have enjoyed these books even more as a kid or with a layer of nostalgia around them.

Characters: I enjoyed Harry’s POV and him as a character. To compare the characters to their movie counterparts: I enjoyed everyone more in the book EXCEPT Hermoine. I felt like Hermoine’s character was more annoying in the book than in the movies. I was conflicted on Ron because he was kind of more of a jerk in the books but I liked that he was less of a chicken in the books than in the movies. The Deathly Hallows was WAYYYY better and easier to follow in the book than in the movies for me. I also enjoyed getting to know more about Hagrid in the books. I liked Dumbledore in the books but I did feel upset at how much he kept hidden from Harry. I also doubt J.K.’s intention of making him Gay outside of the books after the fact. None of that comes through in the books at all which makes me doubt she had written him with that in her mind rather than saying it for diversity points after the fact. Maybe I am wrong, but that’s just my opinions.

ALSO: I HATED Snape and Draco. I don’t feel like either redeemed themselves enough in this book but especially not Draco. I know Snape was pretending to be a death eater but he was a jerk to Harry at a level that I don’t think was necessary. And Draco! He does not redeem himself AT ALL in the books! Is the obsession with him purely because of his actor? Because Draco is horrible start to finish. Honestly, his parents show more redemption potential than he does. At least they show the ability to love their son. Also, I love Molly Weasley more than ANYONE ELSE in this whole series.

Story: Honestly, Voldy’s whole backstory felt weak to me. I cant explain it but it was lame. I saw a lot of parallels to Hitler and the Third Reich which I thought was cool but my research seems like J.K. has downplayed how much of an influence it made in her books but it seemed pretty obvious and heavy in the books. I wouldn’t say it was light influence, more it seemed like she framed the entire story around that.

Am I a potterhead now?

No. I am not. The books were enjoyable but not enough so to devote much more time to the series. I am glad I get to strike it off the list now. I look forward to finding other books to recommend to the young readers who love the series and are looking for more to read though!

Btw: I am a Ravenclaw. Like what Hermoine should have been.

What do you think of my quest to read the Top 100 YA books?!

What do you think of my review of the Harry Potter series? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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