Harry Potter series Review // The Top 100 YA Books challenge!

If you haven't already read about my Top 100 YA Books challenge, you can read that post HERE. Basically, I have created a challenge for myself as a librarian to read the Top 100 YA books! At the top of that list was Harry Potter. Which I have very conflicted thoughts about... Since joining the... Continue Reading →

February // Book Tube Games TBR

The Book Tube Games is a readathon competition that lasts all of February run by Littlewolfreads.  There are 5 teams, Derry Maine, Neverland, Camp Half-blood, Hogwarts and Team Ketterdam, my team! You can learn more about the Book Tube Games from this youtube video by littlewolfreads I am on team Ketterdam and I have 11... Continue Reading →

Fall Catch-Up // Mini-Reviews

Its almost the end of the year and I am behind on book reviews! So here are a couple mini-reviews for some of the books I read over the last 2 months or so! Everless  Author: Sara Holland Release Date: January 2nd, 2018 Genre: YA Fantasy Descriptions: In the kingdom of Sempera, time is currency—extracted... Continue Reading →

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