The Superior Trope? YA WLW Hate to Love books! – Themed TBR

What kind of books do you expect teens to request in the library? Is it WLW Hate-to-Love Rom-coms?! No? Well, thats what I got asked for this pride month! Read my 5 recommendations for YA WLW books with the Hate-to-Love trope in this "Themed TBR" post!

I’m Reading the Top 100 YA Books!!

I've assigned myself an assignment as a Teen services/YA librarian. I am going to read the Top 100 YA books! I feel like this is going to help me: Branch out from what I usually read.Stay current in what is popular in YA.Appreciate the differences in YA genres.Gain insight into what YA books get popular.... Continue Reading →

My Name in TBR Picks!

I think this might be a tag but I can not remember where I heard about it. This is Spelling my name in TBR picks! Basically I picked a book on my goodreads TBR to match every letter in my name (In this case my blog name.) This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada The Hand... Continue Reading →

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